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Liability; reporting forms; confidentiality and disclosure – Ohio Admin. Code 4731-15-05

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Liability; reporting forms; confidentiality and disclosure


Any individual, health care facility, association, society or insurer that reports an impaired practitioner will not be subject to a suit for civil damages.  Summaries, reports, and records received and maintained by the state medical board must be held in confidence and may not be subject to discovery or introduction into evidence in any civil action involving a health care professional or facility arising out of matters which are the subject of such reporting to the board.


The board may disclose the summaries and reports to hospital committees that are involved in credentialing or re-credentialing the practitioner or in reviewing the practitioner’s clinical privileges


A copy of any reports or summaries must be sent to the practitioner by the board.  The practitioner then has a right to file a statement with the board discussing the correctness or relevance of the information.

Current as of June 2015