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Level I service standards – Ohio Admin. Code 3701-7-09

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Level I service standards


A level I obstetrical service must provide antepartum care, intrapartum care, and postpartum care for the management of uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries.  An obstetrical patient cannot be admitted at less than thirty five weeks of pregnancy unless an emergency medical condition exists or the transfer poses a threat.


Transfer between levels of neonatal care service must be carefully considered and documented. When discussing transfer of a pregnant woman or a newborn to another facility, the transferring service must provide the patient or legal guardian with recommendations for any consultations with a higher-level service, the risks and benefits associated with the transfer, and any other information required by the hospital.


The provider must have the ability to perform an emergency cesarean delivery, fetal monitoring, and resuscitation and stabilization of newborns.  Each provider in a maternity unit or newborn care nursery with a level I service designation must develop and follow a written service plan for each patient, conduct a risk assessment of obstetric and newborn patients to ensure identification of appropriate consultation requirements or referral for high-risk patients, and provide follow-up services to patients or refer patients for appropriate follow-up.  

Current as of June 2015