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Ind. Code Ann. § 16-19-13-3 - Purposes of the Office of Women's Health

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This law sets forth the purposes for which the Office of Women’s Health was established:

  • To educate and advocate for women’s health by establishing initiatives and programs
  • To assist the health commissioner in establishing priorities for programs and resources that the state should provide for women’s health issues
  • To serve as a resource for information on women’s health data, services and programs
  • To collect and analyze relevant research information and data
  • To develop and recommend funding and activities for educating the public on women’s health issues
  • To seek funding, private and governmental, for fulfilling these purposes
  • To prepare materials on women’s health issues and to publicly disseminate them
  • To conduct public forums in Indiana to arise public awareness of women’s issues and programs
  • To coordinate activities between different government entities working on women’s welfare issues
  • To represent the state health commissioner at the general assembly or in front of Indiana’s Women Commission
  • To provide an annual report to the governor, the legislative council, and the Indiana commission for women regarding the successes, services needed, and areas for improvement

Current as of June 2015