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Ind. Code Ann.§ 16-36-1-7 - Appointed representative for health care decisions; qualifications; conditions; effective date; duties; resignation; revocation of appointment

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This law allows any individual eligible to consent to health care to appoint another individual as representative to act in matters affecting the appointor’s health care.  The representative must be an adult or an emancipated minor, and the appointment must be in writing, signed by the appointor and witnessed by an adult other than the representative.  The written appointment can specify any terms and conditions of the appointment, and the authority to represent is only valid while the appointor is incapacitated and unable to consent. 
The representative has priority in all health care matters related to the appointor, and is required to make all decisions in the best interest of the appointor and in good faith.  A representative may resign from his/her duties under the appointment by informing the appointor, the appointor’s legal representative and the health care provider.  The appointor is also allowed to revoke the appointment by notifying the representative and the health care provider.

Current as of June 2015