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Hospital performance measures reporting requirements – Ohio Admin. Code 3701-14-03

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Hospital performance measures reporting requirements


Each hospital must annually submit information to the director of health showing the hospital’s performance, by quarter, in meeting specified standards, and must additionally report the following information:

  • The hospitals performance in meeting the measures set by the previous year;
  • The hospital consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems;
  • Influenza vaccination information for the flu season;
  • Infants under fifteen hundred grams not delivered at the appropriate level of care;
  • Caesarean rate for low- risk first birth women
  • The hospital’s performance in meeting perinatal and pediatric measures;
  • The hand-washing program and infection control staff information; and
  • The AMI thirty-day mortality measure.


Hospitals must submit information for each measure electronically through the department’s website.  The director will make the information submitted by the hospital available for sale to any interested person or government entity.  The director will not make available for sale or available to the public any information that compromises patient privacy. The name or social security number of a patient, physician, dentist, or any other health care practitioner will never be included in the submitted information.


Children’s hospitals are exempted from reporting for patients 18 years or older.

Current as of June 2015