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Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut. Definitions. Powers of the authority. Board of directors. Chief executive officer. Grants. Advisory committee on patient privacy and security. Reports - Conn. Gen. Stat. § 19a-750

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Repealed, effective July 1, 2014. 


Connecticut establishes the “Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut” for the purpose of “promoting, planning and designing, developing, assisting, acquiring, constructing, maintaining and equipping, reconstructing and improving [] health care information technology.” The Health Information Technology Exchange has the authority take actions necessary to carry outs its purpose including (e.g. hiring personnel, entering into contracts). A board of directors, comprised of government officials and health care industry representatives, will manage the Health Information Technology Exchange. The board must direct the (1) implementation and revision “of the health information technology plan and (2) creation of protocols and electronic data standards. The electronic data standards must (1) include privacy and security provisions; (2) place limits on the use of Social Security Numbers; (3) use a privacy standard that is, at minimum, consistent with the HIPAA privacy standard; (4) ensure the security of individually identifiable information and make “access to such information [] traceable by an electronic audit trail; (5) allow for interoperability; (6) allow for standardized data collection; and (7) comply with the 19a-25d electronic health information system requirements.

Current as of June 2015