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Furnishing of health records and veterans' information. Access to tissue slides or blocks. Certified document re storage of and access to health records upon cessation of operations - Conn. Gen. Stat. § 19a-490b

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Licensed health care institutions must provide patients access to their health record upon receiving written request from the patient, their representative or attorney, or “pursuant to a written authorization.” Accessible information includes bills, lab reports, prescriptions, and technical information. Patients must also have a “reasonable opportunity to examine retained tissue slides and retained pathology tissue blocks.” Institutions may charge a maximum of $0.65 per health record page or, if providing x-rays, slides, or tissue blocks, the amount necessary to provide such access. Institutions may not charge for access requested pursuant to a Social Security Act claim or appeal and may not deny access if the patient cannot afford the fees.

Health care institutions must, upon relinquishing their license, provide the department of health with a “certified document” that identifies the location of patient records and the procedures for accessing patient records. The document must also authorize the department to enforce the document if the storage location undergoes an ownership change or closes.


Current as of June 2015