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Functions, Duties and Responsibilities of the Inspector – N.Y. Pub. Health Law § 32

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The Inspector’s functions, duties, and responsibilities include:

  • Investigating complaints and medical assistance program fraud and abuse.
  • Consulting and coordinating fraud and abuse investigations and prosecutions with “the deputy attorney general for Medicaid fraud control, the welfare inspector general, and other state and federal law enforcement officials. 
  • Examining, copying, and removing any medical assistance records, held by a state or local agency or made available to such agencies, while investigating fraud or abuse. The inspector must protect the confidentiality of information contained in these records as required by other state and federal laws. 
  • Reviewing and auditing medical assistance program expenditures.  
  • Coordinating the use of fraud and abuse prevention technology with other agencies. 
  • Investigating complaints regarding state and local government officials’ failure to prevent medical assistance program fraud and abuse. 
  • Conducting facility and office inspections in relation to fraud and abuse investigations. 

Current as of June 2015