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Florida Statutes § 490.009

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“Discipline under the regulation of professions and occupations law”

The Board Psychology may deny a license or impose disciplinary sanctions of a psychologist for a variety of grounds including:

  • Making or filing a false report or failing to file a report required by state or federal law;
  • Paying a kickback, rebate, or bonus for patient referrals;
  • Engaging in sexual misconduct with a patient;
  • Making misleading representations in the practice of psychology;
  • Soliciting patients through the use of fraud, intimidation, or undue influence;
  • Failing to make available to a patient copies of test results or medical records upon written request;
  • Being unable to practice psychology as a result of any illness or substance use;
  • Performing any experimental treatments without first obtaining written, informed consent from a patient;   and
  • Violating the confidentiality of patient communications.

Current as of June 2015