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Florida Statutes § 459.013

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“Penalty for violations under the regulation of professions and occupations law”

Each of the following acts constitutes a felony of the third degree:

  • The practice of osteopathic medicine without a license;
  • Attempting to obtain a license to practice osteopathic medicine through fraudulent means;
  • Attempting to obtain a position as an osteopathic physician or medical residents through fraudulent means;
  • Operating a pain-management clinic that is not licensed by the Department of Health; and
  • Improperly dispensing a Schedule II or Schedule III controlled substance. 

Each of the following acts constitutes a misdemeanor of the first degree:

  • Knowingly concealing information relating to violations of the law;
  • The practice of medicine as a resident or intern without holding a valid current registration; and
  • Knowingly prescribing controlled substances in an unlicensed pain-management clinic.

Each of the following acts constitutes a misdemeanor of the second degree:

  • Fraudulently altering or falsifying any patient records;
  • Referring any patient to a health care facility in which the physician or the physician’s employer has an equity interest of 10% or more without the patient’s informed consent; and
  • Paying or receiving any commission, bonus, kickback, or rebate or engaging in any split-fee arrangement with a physician or health care facility.

Current as of June 2015