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Florida Statutes § 400.474

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“Administrative penalties under the public health law”

A home health agency may face disciplinary sanctions for the following acts:

  • Any intentional, reckless or negligent act that affects the health or safety of a patient;
  • Provides remuneration to another home health agency with which it has formal or informal patient-referral transactions or arrangements;
  • Preparing or maintaining fraudulent patient records;
  • Failure to submit to the Agency for Health Care Administration for every quarter the number of patients receiving services from the home health agency, diabetic patients receiving insulin-injection services, and patients receiving services from the home health agency and hospice services;
  • Gives cash to a Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary; and
  • Demonstrates a pattern of billing the Medicaid program for services to Medicaid recipients which are medically unnecessary.

Current as of June 2015