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Florida Statutes § 400.0069

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“Local long-term care ombudsman councils; duties; membership under the public health law”

The ombudsman must designate local long-term care ombudsman councils to carry out the duties of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program within local communities. Each local council must function under the direction of the ombudsman.

The duties of the local councils are to:

(a) Serve as a third-party mechanism for protecting the health, safety, welfare, and civil and human rights of residents.

(b) Discover, investigate, and determine the existence of abuse or neglect in any long-term care facility and to use the procedures provided for in ss. 415.101-415.113 when applicable.

(c) Elicit, receive, investigate, respond to, and resolve complaints made by or on behalf of residents.

(d) Review and, if necessary, comment on all existing or proposed rules, regulations, and other governmental policies and actions relating to long-term care facilities that may potentially have an effect on the rights, health, safety, and welfare of residents.

(e) Review personal property and money accounts of residents who are receiving assistance under the Medicaid program pursuant to an investigation to obtain information regarding a specific complaint or problem.

(f) Recommend that the ombudsman and the legal advocate seek administrative, legal, and other remedies to protect the health, safety, welfare, and rights of the residents.

(g) Carry out other activities that the ombudsman determines to be appropriate.


Current as of June 2015