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Florida Statutes § 395.3025

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“Examination of patient and personnel records”

Upon discharge of a patient and written request, a hospital must timely furnish a copy of all patient records to patient or the patient’s guardian, personal representative, or next of kin provided the person request such records agrees to pay a charge. This statute does not apply to records maintained by psychiatric facilities.

Patient records are confidential and must not be disclosed without the consent of the patient or his or her legal representative. Patient records may be disclosed without consent to: health care providers involved in the care or treatment of the patient; facility personnel for administrative purposes or risk management and quality assurance functions; the Agency for Health Care Administration for purposes of health care cost containment; pursuant to a court order unless otherwise prohibited by law; the Department of Health for the purpose of establishing a trauma registry; the Department of Children and Family services for investigations of cases of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children or vulnerable adults; a local or regional trauma agency that performs quality assurance activities; organ procurement organizations, tissue banks, and eye banks; the Medicare Fraud Control unit in the Department of Legal Affairs; the Department of Financial Affairs for audits; and a regional poison control center.

(5) The Department of Health may examine patient records of a licensed facility for the purpose of epidemiological investigations. The unauthorized release of information by agents of the department which would identify an individual is a misdemeanor of the first degree.

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Current as of June 2015