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Florida Statutes § 381.028

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“Adverse medical incidents under the Patients' Right-to-Know About Adverse Medical Incidents Act”

Patients have a right to have access to any records made by a health care facility or provider relating to any adverse medical incident. In providing access to these records, the health care facility or health care provider may not disclose the identity of patients involved in the incidents and must maintain any privacy restrictions imposed by federal law. Fees charged by a health care facility for copies of records requested by a patient may not exceed the reasonable and actual cost of complying with the request. A request for production of records must be submitted in writing and must identify the patient requesting access to the records.

An “adverse medical incident” means medical negligence, intentional misconduct, and any other act of a health care facility or health care provider which caused or could have caused injury to or the death of a patient.


Current as of June 2015