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Examination and treatment of persons at communicable disease control clinics. Confidentiality - Conn. Gen. Stat. § 19a-216a

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Local health directors and their agents must maintain the confidentiality of medical records of persons that receive treatment at a “communicable disease control clinic.” Such information is not subject to discovery, but may be released (1) for statistical purposes, if deidentified; (2) if the persons identified in the record give their informed consent; (3) to health care providers if necessary to save the life of the person identified during an emergency situation; (4) to health care providers and public health officials that are authorized to obtain such information for public health purposes; (5) to an agency authorized to receive reports of abuse or neglect of children as specified by § 19a-216; and (6) pursuant to a court order.  Persons that have access to information regarding sexually transmitted disease treatment may not testify about such information unless the individual that is the subject of the information consents.

Persons that violate this section face a maximum $1000 fine. 


Current as of June 2015