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Disciplinary proceedings Colo. Rev. Stat. § 12-35-129.2

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Disciplinary proceedings. 
Authorizes individuals to file written complaints about dentists and dentist hygienists with the Dental Board (“Board”) and permits the Board to initiate complaints by motion. Grants the Board authority to create a professional review committee to investigate complaints and make recommendations to the Board. Classifies professional review committee records and proceedings as confidential and prohibits their admission into evidence in litigation against the licensee pertaining to the events that the Board is investigating. Prohibits persons from testifying about their involvement in review committee proceedings. Clarifies that persons are not prohibited from testifying about information they learned of apart from their involvement in the committee and that records and information submitted to the committee are not barred from admission into evidence simply by the fact of their submission to the committee. Grants Board members, professional review committee members, and other persons involved in a committee review immunity for litigation arising out of the review process so long as they acted in good faith.