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Director to develop and administer AIDS and HIV related programs – Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3701.241

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The director of health will have the following responsibilities with respect to AIDS and HIV –related programs:

  • Develop a surveillance system to determine the number of cases of AIDS and the HIV infection rate in various population groups;
  • Develop a confidential partner notification system to alert and counsel sexual contacts of individuals with HIV infection;
  • Establish pilot programs for the long-term care of individuals with AIDS or AIDS-related conditions, including care in nursing homes and in alternative settings;
  • Create risk reduction programs for groups determined by the director to be at risk of HIV infection;
  • Require the director or administrator of each anonymous/confidential HIV test site to submit a quarterly report evaluating the effectiveness of the HIV testing program at that site, from an epidemiological perspective; 
  • Annually evaluate the effectiveness of anonymous/confidential HIV testing programs as epidemiologic programs;
  • Submit a report of its evaluation to both houses of the Ohio legislature and make the report available to the public; and
  • Administer funds received under the federal Public Health Service Act for programs to improve the quality and availability of care for individuals with AIDS, AIDS-related conditions, and HIV infections. 

Information obtained or maintained under the partner notification system is not a public record and may only be released in accordance with relevant regulations. 

Current as of June 2015