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C.R.S.A. § 10-16-133

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Health carrier information disclosure- website-insurance producer disclosure requirements-legislative declaration

In order to allow consumers to make more informed decisions about their health care and to provide them with quality and cost information, the Colorado legislature, through the Insurance Commissioner, has required the maintenance of a consumer guide on its website that is easily accessible to consumers.  Information on the website must be derived from information submitted by carriers to the Division of Insurance.  The website guide must include information that the Commissioner deems useful to consumers of health insurance.  The website must also include a link to a complaint form that allows consumers to file a complaint against the insurer.  The Commissioner may also include additional quality information from state or federally recognized organizations.   The Commissioner must also produce this information to accommodate those without internet access.

Any licensed insurance producer who negotiates applications for insurance on behalf of a health insurance company, must disclose that the insurance producer is receiving commission from the carrier to a purchaser.

Current as of June 2015