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Correction, amendment or deletion of information – Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3904.09

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Within thirty business days of receiving a written request from an individual to correct, amend, or delete any recorded personal information about the individual within its possession, an insurance institution, agent, or insurance support organization must do one of the following:

  • Correct, amend, or delete the portion of the recorded personal information in dispute; or
  • Notify the individual of its refusal to make such correction, amendment, or deletion, its reason for the refusal and the individual’s right to file a statement disagreeing with the entity’s refusal.

If the insurance entity corrects, amends, or deletes recorded personal information in accordance with an individual’s request, the entity must notify the individual in writing, and furnish the correction, amendment, or fact of deletion to the following:

  • Any person designated by the individual that may have received such information in the last two years;
  • Any insurance support organization that furnished the personal information that has been corrected, amended or deleted; and
  • Any insurance support organization whose primary source of personal information is insurance institutions, if such organization has systematically received such information from the institution within the preceding seven years and continues to maintain recorded personal information about the individual.

If an individual files a statement disagreeing with the insurance entity’s refusal to correct, amend, or delete recorded personal information, the entity must do the following:

  • File the statement with the disputed information and provid a means by which anyone reviewing the information will be made aware of the individual’s statement and have access to it; and 
  • Clearly identify the matter(s) in dispute and provide the individual’s statement in any subsequent disclosure of the recorded personal information that is the subject of the disagreement.  

Current as of June 2015