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Continuous improvement of quality of care for individuals with stroke - R.I. Gen. Laws Ann. § 27-78.1-6

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The department of health must create a plan for “achieving continuous quality improvement in the quality of care provided under the statewide system for stroke response and treatment.” The plan must include (1) incentives for health care providers to share information and data on ways to improve care quality; (2) “facilitat[ing] the communication and analysis of health information and data among health care professionals providing care for individuals with stroke;” (3) requiring the use of evidence-based treatment guidelines for transitioning patients “to community based follow-up care…;” (4) requiring primary stroke center hospitals and emergency medical service agencies to “report data consistent with nationally recognized guidelines on the treatment of inviduals with confirmed stroke within the statewide system for stroke response and treatment; (5) “analyz[ing] data generated by the statewide system on stroke response and treatment;” and (6) maintaining a statewide stroke database.

Health care information may not be provided in a form that uses individually identifiable patient information unless the information is provided for “continuity of care issues.” Sharing of individually identifiable patient information must occur in compliance with the Confidentiality of Health Care Communications and Information Act and other relevant federal and state laws.


Current as of June 2015