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Confidentiality - R.I. Gen. Laws Ann. § 23-6.3-7

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Individuals must consent, in writing, to the release of their HIV test results. Such requirement does not apply to (1) laboratories or health care facilities that perform HIV tests and report the results to the provider that requested the test; (2) health care providers that document HIV test results in a patient’s medical record; (3) persons that provide HIV test results to the director of the department of children, youth, and families in accordance with § 23-6.3-7(3); (4) persons that release HIV results in accordance with “chapter 5-37.3, § 40.1-5-26, §§ 23-6.3-10 and 23-6.3-14 or as otherwise permitted by law;” and (5) health care providers that provide disease notification in accordance with §§ 23-5-9 and 23-28.36-3.

The exceptions in this section do not interfere with any federal or state law or regulation that provides greater confidentiality protection.



Current as of June 2015