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Confidentiality of birth defects information. Access - Conn. Gen. Stat. § 19a-56b

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All identifying information collected and maintained pursuant to the birth defects surveillance program is confidential. Only the Department of Public Health (“department”) and persons authorized by the department may access such information for research purposes. Persons authorized by the department to access identifying information must sign a confidentiality agreement.

The Commission must create “detailed policies and procedures for maintaining confidentiality of program information” and must keep a record, available for public inspection, of persons that have access to the surveillance program information.

The Commissioner must approve research projects that utilize identifying information from the system or require contact with persons whose data is listed in the system.

The Commissioner may use the system data to publish “statistical compilations” so long as individuals cannot be identified.

Persons that violate their confidentiality agreement or improperly use the system information may lose access to the system’s information and may face additional liability.


Current as of June 2015