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Confidential Nature of Records - Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 210.235

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Mental health information is confidential and privileged to the patient, except as provided for in the statute. The statute does not preclude the patient’s friends and family from properly  inquiring about the medical condition of the patient.
Disclosure With Consent:
A patient or the patient’s guardian may consent to the disclosure of information relating to their mental health.
Disclosure Without Consent:
Disclosure of mental health information is permitted without consent when necessary to carry out a Kentucky statute or regulation. Further, disclosure is permitted when necessary to comply with official inquiries of U.S. public officials.
Disclosure Pursuant to Court Order:
Disclosure of mental health information is permitted when a court orders the disclosure in the context of a proceeding before it, provided that the court finds that the failure to disclose the information would be “contrary to the public interest.”

Current as of June 2016