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Closure of medical practice- Preservation of records - R.I. Gen. Laws Ann. § 5-37-30

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At least 90 days before closing their practice, a physician must provide public notice in a statewide newspaper regarding the disposition of patient medical records and provide notice to the “Rhode Island Medical Society and Rhode Island Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline” regarding the location of the medical records. Public notice must state the date of the physician’s retirement and explain how patients may obtain their medial records both before and after the practice closes. If a practicing physician dies, the physician’s heirs must comply with these notice requirements within 90 days of the physician’s death.

A physician that closes their practice or the heirs of a deceased physician must “dispose of” patient medical records “in a location and manner so that the records are maintained and accessible to patients.”

Persons or entities that receive a retired or deceased physician’s medical records must comply with the Confidentiality of Health Care Communications and Information Act regardless of whether they are a physician.

Current as of June 2015