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Availability of public records for inspection and copying – Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 149.43

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Availability of public records for inspection and copying


Public records are records kept by any public office and records pertaining to the delivery of educational services by an alternative school in the state with the following exceptions:

  • Medical records;
  • Records pertaining to probation and parole proceedings
  • Records pertaining to adoption proceedings
  • Records pertaining to abortions performed on minors;
  • DNA records stored in the DNA database;
  • Inmate medical records released by the department of rehabilitation and correction for quality assurance activities;
  • Records and information related to the child fatality review board;
  • Records of information pertaining to the recreational activities of a person under age 18 that discloses any medical record, history, or information.

For a full list of the exceptions, please click here.


Current as of June 2015