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Annual reports of short-term acute care general or children’s hospitals. Regulations on affiliation or control of health care facilities and institutions. Required reporting of audited financial statements - Conn. Gen. Stat. § 19a-644

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Each short term general care or children’s hospital must report to the Office of Health Care Access the salaries for the 10 highest paid employees, names of joint ventures, partnerships or corporations associated with the hospital, and salaries paid to employees by each joint venture, partnership and corporation.  The annual report must also include transfers of assets or changes of control for all non-profit short term general care or children’s hospitals. 

The Department of Public Health must implement reporting requirements for persons or parent corporations with an ownership interest in the health facility, corporations or LLCs in which the health facility owns more than a 50% share, or any partnership where the person, health facility institution, provider, or its parent corporation owns more than a  50% share. 

All hospitals not identified as short term general care or children’s hospitals must file with the Office its audited financial statements each year.

Current as of June 2015