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Access to information by staff and attorneys – Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 5123.601

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Access to information by staff and attorneys


The Ohio protection and advocacy system staff and attorneys representing relevant individuals have access to the following:

  • During business hours, all records (with few exceptions for residential facilities and boards of alcohol, drug addition, and mental health services) relating to state and federal funding, information about the represented parties on their commitment, care and treatment must be made available
  • Any computerized records in related departments or boards
  • During normal working hours, personnel of the departments, facilities, boards, and other service providing entities
  • All persons detained, hospitalized or institutionalized and persons receiving services
  • Records of a community residential facilities, or contract agency for boards dealing with alcohol, drug addiction and mental health services, if certain consent standards are met


All records must remain confidential.  Relationships with agents of the system are fiduciary relationships and all communications are given attorney client privilege.  The Ohio protection and advocacy system may compel by subpoena any person with necessary information.


Current as of June 2015