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63 Okl. St. Ann. § 1-119

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Collection of health care data

The Division of Health Care Information within the Department of Health, with the advice of the Health Care Information Advisory Committee must collect health care information from information providers.  The information to be collected from information providers includes:

  • Financial information, such as consumption of resources to provide services, reimbursement, costs of operation, revenues, assets, liabilities, fund balances, rates, charges, and wage/ salary data;
  • Service information, such as occupancy, capacity, and special services;
  • Aggregate physician profiles by clinical specialties and nursing services;
  • Discharge data, including completed discharge data sets or comparable information for each discharged patient;
  • Ambulatory care data, including provider specific and encounter data.

The Division must implement a demonstration program for the voluntary submission of ambulatory care data, including submissions from federally qualified health centers, migrant health programs, and rural health centers. 

The Division must use existing health data resources in the collection of data, and must avoid duplicating efforts in the collection of health care data.  This law does not lessen or reduce the obligation of providers to provide accurate data, for liability of release of information, and to preserve the confidentiality of information. 

Every state board or agency must provide the Division with health care data upon the request of the Department of Health, at no charge.  Information required to be confidential under state and federal law may not be transferred to any entity by the Division unless there has been a written agreement, or unless it is for statistical purposes.

Current as of June 2015