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105. Mass. Code Regs. 170.345. - Records

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Each service must prepare and maintain records that are subject to and available for inspection by the Department at any time upon request. Records must be stored in such a manner as to ensure reasonable safety from water and fire damage and from unauthorized use, for a period of not less than seven years. Services shall also store and maintain the records of any service(s) they acquire, in the same manner.
Records for services shall include at a minimum, the following:EMS personnel and employment files and records, all services licensed, current vehicle registrations, maintenance and repair records for ambulances and biomedical equipment. Each service must maintain dispatch records, in either computer-aided (CAD) or handwritten form, and trip records, for every EMS call. The receiving health care facility must keep trip records with the patient's medical record. Personal and medical information, whether oral or written, obtained by EMS personnel or services in the course of carrying out EMS shall be maintained confidentially.
This section also sets forth the guidelines for when such medical information may be released. These guidelines must be construed to prevent access to any such records in connection with any peer review procedures applied and implemented in good faith.

Current as of June 2015