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Del. Code Ann. tit. 16, § 2003 - Duties and authority of state agency

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The Department of Health and Social Services’ Division of Public Health must periodically compile and disseminate reports on the data collected such as charge levels, age-specific utilization patterns, morbidity patterns, patient origin, and trends in health care charges. The Division of Public Health must distribute the reports to health care purchasers, insurers, providers, and the general public. 
The Division of Public Health must establish the Hospital Discharge Technical Advisory Committee to study issues relating to the collection and confidentiality of hospital discharge data reporting.
The Division of Public Health may study and issue reports on special medical needs, demographic characterizes, access to health care services and need for financing of health care services for the entire state population or various population subgroups. It may also study and report on health status issues such as the incidence of medical and surgical procedures and mortality/ morbidity, infection, readmission rates of certain diseases and treatments.
The Division of Public Health must annually issue reports to the state legislature outlining actions, accomplishments and recommendations for changes needed.

Current as of June 2015