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Tex. Admin. Code tit. 22, § 165.1

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Medical Records

Texas requires licensed physicians to maintain medical records for adult patients for at least seven years following their last treatment of the adult patient. Medical records regarding the treatment of a patient under the age of eighteen must be kept until the longer period of either (1) the patient turning twenty-one; or (2) seven years following the physician’s last treatment of the patient. Physicians must ensure that their chosen method of destroying medical records maintains patient confidentiality.

Texas establishes minimum standards for the content of medical records. Consequently, physicians must document items such as diagnoses, medications, and risk factors in each patient’s medical record.

Medical records may be owned by a physician's employer, including include group practices, professional associations, and non-profit health organizations, provided records are maintained by these entities consistent with medical records laws in the state.


Current as of June 2015