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F.S.A. § 395.107

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Urgent care centers; publishing and posting schedule of charges; penalties

An urgent care center must publish and post a schedule of charges for medical services offered to patients.  The schedule of charges must be easy to understand, and include prices for an uninsured individual paying by cash, check or credit card.  The schedule must be conspicuously posted in the reception area and must include the 50 most frequently provided services.  If the urgent care center is affiliated with another type of facility, the posted notice must notify patients whether the charges will be the same as or more than charges received at the affiliated facility.  This notification must also be included on all media and internet advertisements in an easy to understand language.

This law does not apply to urgent care centers operated exclusively for employees and dependents of employees of the business that owns or contracts for the urgent care center. 

If an urgent care center fails to post the schedule of charges, there will be a $1000 per day fine imposed until the schedule is posted.

Current as of June 2015