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Access to medical records; Notification to patient of certain test results; Authority of provider to withhold information - Conn. Gen. Stat. § 20-7c

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Except as otherwise provided, a health care provider must give a patient all current information regarding a treatment of diagnosis, upon the patient’s request, and notify the patient of test results. Upon the request of the patient or the ordering provider, a clinical laboratory must provide the test results to any other provider treating the patient.  A provider who has a patient submitting to testing at regular intervals may issue a single authorization that allows the entity conducting the testing to communicate the results to the patient. 

Upon a patient’s written request, a health care provider must furnish to the patient a copy of the medical record.  The provider must furnish the record within 30 days from the request.  Providers may not refuse to turn over for inspection or copying records that a patient has brought over from another provider.  Providers may not charge more than $.65 per page for copies, including administrative and shipping costs.  However, a provider may charge additional fees for copying x-rays, except if the record is sought for a claim or appeal under the Social Security Act, and the request is accompanied by supporting documentation.  A provider who has purchased the practice or has undertaken ownership of the practice may not refuse to turn over a patient’s original medical records if the patient chooses not to seek care from the new provider, and may not charge the patient for accessing his or her own records. 

A provider may withhold patient medical record information is he or she reasonably believes the information could cause harm the mental or physical health of the patient.  The information may be supplied to an appropriate third party to deliver the information to the patient.  If the provider  refuses to disclose the information, the aggrieved patient may within 30 days petition the superior court in the judicial district for review.  This section does not apply to information regarding psychiatric or psychological problems. 

If a provider abandons his or her practice, the Commissioner of Health may appoint an individual as the keeper of the medical records.

Current as of June 2015