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Tex. Occ. Code Ann. § 159.006

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Information furnished by a physician

A patient or authorized representative may submit a written and signed authorization for the release of the patient's billing or medical records. Within 15 business days after receiving such authorization, a physician must release a copy or summary of the requested records, including records received from another health care provider involved in the care or treatment of the patient. A physician may withhold records if he or she determines that access to the information would harm the physical, mental, or emotional health of the patient, and may withhold any part of the record that contains confidential information about another patient or a family member of the patient who has not consented to the release of such information. A physician must provide a complete record if the records request is from a subsequent or consulting physician. If a physician denies access to all or part of the record, he or she must notify the patient in writing of the reasons for the denial, and must place a copy of this notification in the applicable record. 



Current as of June 2015