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Services; Medical Records - 31-5-41 R.I. Code R. § 11

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A patient or an authorized representative may request the patient's medical records and medical bills from a physician, and must submit such requests in writing or via a properly executed Authorization for Release of Health Care Information. Within 30 days of receipt of such request, a physician must provide the requested records, and may charge a fee for copying medical records of up to $0.25 per page for pages 1-100, and up to $0.10 per page for page 101 and over. If the requested record contains x-rays or other documents not reproducible by photocopy, the physician may charge up to $15 for copying such materials. A physician may charge a retrieval fee of up to $15, regardless of the amount of time necessary to retrieve the record. If the records must be delivered to the patient or representative within 48 hours of the request, the physician may charge a special handling fee of $10. 

Physicians may not withhold a copy of the medical record because of an outstanding payment for medical services. If the patient requests the medical record for the purpose of continuing his or her care with another provider, the physician may not require prepayment of charges for duplicating or retrieving records. A physician may not charge a fee for copying immunization records that are required for school admission, or for copying records for use in supporting a claim or appeal under the Social Security Act or any federal or state needs-based benefit program. A physician may not charge a fee to an applicant for benefits in connection with a Civil Court Certification Proceeding or a claim under the Worker's Compensation Act. 

Physicians (or their authorized agents) must store medical records for at least 5 years unless otherwise required by law or regulation. Medical records must contain sufficient information to justify the course of treatment, including: active problem and mediation lists; patient histories; examination results; test results; records of drugs prescribed, dispensed, or administered; and reports of consultations and hospitalizations.

** This section is alternatively cited as R.I. Code R. 14 140 031(11). 

Current as of June 2015