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Disclosures - R.I. Gen. Laws Ann. § 5-37.22

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These requirements apply to physicians and physician practice groups. 

Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing by a medical practice group, all medical records are the property of the practice group with which a physician was associated when he or she created the medical records. 

A patient may submit a written request to a provider to have his or her medical records transferred to another physician or medical practice group. Upon receipt of such request, the original provider must promptly honor the transfer request, and must be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in connection with copying the records.

A patient or his or her authorized representative may submit a written request to access the patient's confidential health care information. Upon receipt of such request, a provider must permit the patient or representative to examine and copy the requested information. The provider may choose to provide a summary of the information in lieu of the actual record, but if the patient is not satisfied with such summary, the provide must provide a copy of the entire record. Information may be withheld if a treating physician determines that disclosure of certain confidential health care information to the patient would be harmful to the patient's physical or mental health. Upon request by the patient or authorized representative, the provider must disclose the withheld information to another physician or medical practice group designated by the patient. 

A provider must be reimbursed for reasonable expenses in connection with copying requested information at the time of the examination, copying, or provision of summary information. 

If a medical practice group violates a patient's right to access records in accordance with these requirements, the individual officers of the practice group (or shareholder or owners if there are no officers) will be subject to the disciplinary powers of the Rhode Island board of medical licensure and discipline. 

Current as of June 2015