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Okla. Stat. tit. 76, § 19

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Access to Medical Records - Copies - Waiver of Privilege

These requirements apply to physicians, hospitals, and other medical institutions. These requirements are not applicable to psychological, psychiatric, mental health, or substance abuse treatment records. 

Any patient of a provider is entitled to access the information contained in the patient's medical record upon request. A provider may charge for copies of such records, of up to $1 for the first page, and up to $0.50 for pages 2 and beyond, and may charge up to $0.12 for each page of a digital copy. If the requested record is an x-ray or other photograph or image, or a pathology slide, the provider may charge up to $5 or the actual cost of reproductive, whichever is less. A provider may charge a patient for the actual cost of mailing the requested records, but may not charge a fee for searching, retrieving, reviewing, and preparing medical records. A provider may withhold records until the patient or representative pays the applicable fee. 

Disclosure regarding a deceased patient requires either a court order or the written release of an authorized person. 


Current as of June 2015