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Patient or patient’s representative to submit request to examine or obtain copy of medical record - Ohio Rev. Code § 3701.74

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These requirements apply to hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, long-term care facilities, pharmacies, emergency facilities, and health care practitioners. 

A patient, a patient's personal representative, or an authorized person may submit a written and signed request to examine or obtain a copy of all or part of the patient's medical record. Within a reasonable time after receiving such request, a health care provider must permit the patient to examine the record during regular business hours without charge or provide a copy of the record, as requested.  The provider may withhold access to a record if he or she determines that disclosure of the record is likely to have an adverse effect on the patient, in which case the provider must provide the record to a physician or chiropractor designated by the patient.

A patient, personal representative, or an authorized person who requested the record may bring a civil action against any provider who fails to furnish a medical record as required.

Current as of June 2015