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Security of Health Information in Rhode Island


Security of Health Information

Rhode Island requires persons and entities that maintain confidential health information1 and the Rhode Island Health Information Exchange2 to adopt various security measures (e.g. assigning security responsibility to a specified individual). Public health officials, health care providers, and other persons that maintain HIV records must establish safeguards for electronically maintained records, limit record access, and provide security training to personnel.3



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Security of Health Information in Rhode Island

Subtopic Statute/Regulation Description
Security of Health Information Medical Records - CRIR 14-090-007, § 27.12 Medical Records  A medical record must be created and maintained for every person treated on an inpatient, outpatient (ambulatory) or...
Services; Medical Records - 31-5-41 R.I. Code R. § 11 A patient or an authorized representative may request the patient's medical records and medical bills from a physician, and must submit such requests...