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Health Insurance Exchanges in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the only states in the country to have established a state health insurance exchange prior to the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Massachusetts’ health insurance exchange is called the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector, and its purpose is to assist in the availability and choice of private health insurance plans to eligible consumers and groups.1

As part of the health insurance exchange program, employers and employees are required to fill out a health insurance responsibility form, on which insurance coverage information is to be reported.  This information may be released to and shared with the Department of Revenue, the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector, and the Health Care Access Bureau within the Department of Insurance, for enforcement purposes.2



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Health Insurance Exchanges in Massachusetts

Subtopic Statute/Regulation Description
Health Insurance Exchanges 105. Mass. Code Regs. 300.100. - Diseases Reportable to Local Boards of Health Household members, physicians or other providers must report cases or suspect cases of the following diseases to the local board of health...
105. Mass. Code Regs. 301.025. - Report Form Each case of malignant disease and benign brain related tumor disease must reported by a hospital or lab must be in an electronic format approved by...
Mass. Gen. Laws. Ann. ch. 176Q, ยง 2 - Commonwealth health insurance connector authority Massachusetts law established the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector as an independent public entity, whose purpose it is to assist in the...