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Wash. Rev. Code § 74.39A.090

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Discharge planning — Contracts for case management services and reassessment and reauthorization — Assessment of case management roles and quality of in-home care services — Plan of care model language

The department of social and health services must enter into contracts with area agencies on aging in order to provide case management services to individuals receiving home and community care and to reassess the provision of such care.

The department must provide case management services to an individual, either directly or through competitive bid, if the area agency refuses to enter into a contract to provide such services.

The department must perform an assessment of case management activities while conducting their existing oversight and monitoring of area agencies on aging.

Area agencies must conduct quality assessments of their in-home care services using specific indicators.  The department must create model language for the plan of care that is clear and utilizes language that persons with varying reading capacity can understand. 

The department must dedicate any department employees that are reassigned, as a consequence of implementing this section, to discharge planning initiatives.

Current as of June 2015