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Wash. Rev. Code § 74.09A.020

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Computerized information — Provision to health insurers

The Washington state health care authority (“authority”) must provide health insurers with computerized eligibility and coverage information on a “routine and periodic” basis so that insurers may “identify joint beneficiaries” and report these joint beneficiaries to the department.

The authority and health insurers should collaborate to create the information database and identify the relevant data elements. The authority must create a group comprised of insurers and state agency representatives to achieve this purpose.

Insurers and the state may replace the information database with common computer standards by entering into an agreement.

The authority must provide information that is sufficiently detailed to identify eligible individuals. 

The authority and insurers will enter into an agreement that establishes the frequency of information updates. The agreement must require the authority to provide insurers with the data on at least a semiannual basis.

The authority and insurers must comply with state and federal laws regarding the protection and use of the information contained on the database.

Current as of June 2015