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Wash. Rev. Code § 74.09.240

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Bribes, kickbacks, rebates — Self-referrals — Penalties

Individuals or entities are guilty of a felony if they solicit, receive, offer, or make payments in exchange for (1) providing individuals with referrals for publicly paid health care services; (2) providing publicly paid health care services; (3) recommending the purchase or lease of publicly paid goods or services; or (4) purchasing or leasing publicly paid goods or services.

 Physicians are prohibited from referring their patients, for the receipt of designated health services, to facilities in which they or their immediate family member has a financial interest.

This section does not bar a provider or entity from obtaining a discount on services so long as the discount is disclosed accurately reflects the claimed costs of service nor does the section apply to money paid by employers to employees pursuant to their employment.

Current as of June 2015