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Wash. Rev. Code § 71.24.061

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Children's mental health providers — Children's mental health evidence-based practice institute — Pilot program

Contracts between regional support networks and community mental health centers should encourage community mental health centers to enter into subcontracts with mental health providers if necessary to provide “an adequate, culturally competent, and qualified children's mental health provider network.”

The University of Washington division of public behavioral health and justice policy shall house the children’s mental health evidence-based practice institute. The institute will collaborate with other entities that evaluate and promote the use of evidence or research-based practices in children's mental health treatment, and perform the following functions:

  •         Improve the implementation of evidence-based and research-based practices
  •         Implement the “partnerships for success” model.
  •         Develop information sessions and online resources that will allow families to be informed and engaged in evidence and research-based practices.
  •         Identify outcome based performance measures and participate in a statewide effort to implement outcomes monitoring and quality improvement processes.
  •         Be a statewide resource to the department and other entities on child and adolescent evidence and research-based practices for children's mental health treatment.

 The department must, subject to the availability of funds, establish a pilot program that will support the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of children with mental and behavioral health disorders by primary care providers. The program must promote provider consultation and education.

Current as of June 2015