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Wash. Rev. Code § 70.56.040

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Contract with independent entity

The department of health must create, through contract with an independent entity, an internet based system for reporting adverse events and incidents.   The system must be accessible at all times, immediately transmit adverse event reports to the department, and have security mechanisms to ensure the “confidentiality of personal health information and provider and facility specific information.”

The independent entity under contract must also perform the following duties:

  •      Analyze the data submitted to the system and identify “performance indicators and patterns in frequency or severity at certain medical facilities or regions of the state.”
  •      Recommend changes that providers and health facilities may make to improve patient safety.
  •      Advise reporting medical facilities of changes that can be instituted to reduce adverse events.
  •      Monitor adverse event reporting initiatives conducted in other states.

The independent entity must submit annual reports to the governor and legislature that contain the number of reported adverse events, a summary of remedial actions taken by facilities, patient safety trends, recommendations for improving patient safety, and educational information directed toward consumers and providers. The public must have access to this report through the independent entity’s website.

The independent entity must ensure the confidentiality of all information obtained in relation to the reporting system.

The independent entity must consult with the department of health and medical facilities to create a form for health care facilities and workers to use while notifying the entity of the occurrence of adverse events. The form may not require facilities or workers to include any information that would identify a health care professional, employee, or patient.

Current as of June 2015