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Wash. Rev. Code § 69.51A.030

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Acts not constituting crimes or unprofessional conduct — Health care professionals not subject to penalties or liabilities

Providers may discuss the risks and benefits of medical marijuana with their patients and may authorize a patient to use medical marijuana without exposing themselves to criminal or professional liability under Washington laws.

Health care professionals may authorize a patient’s medical marijuana use so long as the professional:

  •       Is documented as the patient’s primary care provider or specialist.
  •       Is treating the patient’s terminal or debilitating medical condition.
  •       Conducts a physical examination of the patient.
  •       Documents the patient’s terminal or debilitating condition in their medical record and indicates that medical marijuana may benefit the patient.
  •       Informs the patient that there are additional methods of treating their conditions.

Documents that they have attempted to treat the condition with alternative methods.

Current as of June 2015