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Wash. Rev. Code § 69.41.055

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Electronic communication of prescription information — Board may adopt rules

Practitioners may electronically communicate prescription refill information with a pharmacy designated by the patient if:

  •         The prescription information complies with all laws regarding the content and processing of a prescription.        The board has approved the communication systems used by the practitioner and pharmacy.
  •        Practitioners have an explicit opportunity to state their preference for generic drugs.
  •         Practitioners and pharmacists recognize only disclose prescription drug order information to the patient or other authorized individuals.
  •         The electronic communication systems are equipped with sufficient security and safeguards that will monitor for unauthorized access of prescriptions. The head pharmacist of every pharmacy that utilizes an electronic system must design policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of transmitted prescriptions. All pharmacy employees and agents must agree, in writing, to comply with these policies and procedures.

Current as of June 2015