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Wash. Rev. Code § 43.70.533

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Chronic conditions — Training and technical assistance for primary care providers

The Department of Public Health must establish a training and assistance program for primary care providers regarding care for individuals with chronic conditions. The department must design the program to include (1) “clinical information systems and sharing and organization of patient data;” (2) “decision support to promote evidence-based care;” (3) “clinical delivery system design;” (4) “support for patients managing their own conditions;” and (5) “identification and use of community resources that are available in the community for patients and their families.” Additionally, the program must promote the use of “primary care health homes,” “emphasize evidence-based” care, and may choose to design the program around the treatment of one or more chronic conditions.

The department must select providers to participate in the program by considering criteria such as whether the provider participates in Medicaid and the number and health of the provider’s patient base

Current as of June 2015