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Wash. Rev. Code § 43.70.512

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Public Health- Required measureable outcomes

Local health departments should use funds to (1) create a disease response system; (2) reduce the transmission rate of sexually transmitted diseases; (3) reduce the prevalence of diseases preventable by vaccine; (4) establish the capacity to contain disease outbreaks; (5) decrease rates of obesity, Type I and Type II diabetes, and related kidney failure and dialysis among children and adults; (6) increase childhood immunization rates” (7) “improve birth outcomes and decrease child abuse;” (8) reduce the rate of diseases transmitted from animals to humans; and (9) monitor and protect drinking water.

Washington expects that local health departments will exhibit transparency by using performance measures to evaluate the impact of increased public health spending on health outcomes. Local health departments should use benchmarks from reliable data sets and national goals (e.g. health people 2010).

Current as of June 2015