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Wash. Rev. Code § 43.70.064

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Health care quality--Findings and intent--Requirements for conducting study under RCW 43.70.066

The Washington Legislature believes that consumers cannot adequately assess the quality of health care services prior to purchasing care and that holding providers accountable will promote quality care. Consequently, the legislature intends that consumers, providers, insurers, and government agencies work together to create “quality assurance and improvement standards” for use in the uniform quality assurance program. The department of health must conduct a study of this program that complies with the following requirements:

  •         The department must develop the program with the needs of consumers, providers, health plans, and employers in mind.
  •         Use existing national standards of quality assurance.
  •         Consider a minimum level of quality assurance standards that providers, facilities, and health plans must disclose to consumers and employers.
  •         Consider the use of standards that will allow shared responsibility for providers and facilities for participation in a uniform quality assurance program.

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Current as of June 2015